The Switch Hooks extend your Switchboard in two dimensions, allowing the player to suspend mallets vertically by their heads as well as by providing additional horizontal room to the left or right of the Primary Board to lay sticks or mallets across for easy access. They are constructed of light-weight metal sheathed in black, no-slip latex to minimize contact noise, and feature an upturned end to prevent objects from sliding or rolling off.


To attach to the Primary Board, Switch Hooks are threaded at one end and can be screwed into the seven sockets on the Primary Board side edges in 1" intervals. A nylon wingnut at the top of the threaded portion locks the rotational position so that you can use them with confidence.


The two sizes - Skinny Hooks and Fat Hooks - allow a different amount of clearance between Switch Hooks specifically to allow for smaller mallets to be hung.


Every been setting up in tight quarters and wish you could make a couple of adjustments so things would be perfect?

Fun Fact: Depending on whether the Rear Guard Board is also fully in use, there are technically 3^14 to 3^18 or 4,782,969 to 387,420,489 different configurations to use Switch Hooks so the chances of finding a configuration that will work are pretty good!



  • Easily configured
  • Made to be light, strong, and quiet
  • Opens up vertical options for implements and other "suspendables"
  • Strategically extends the surface of the tray using minimal materials and without increasing the footprint within your setup



  • Approximately 4" long when fully threaded into Primary Board sockets
  • Utilize rubber and nylon components to eliminate any chance of rattle or contact noise.
  • Hand made of from sturdy, lightweight aluminum
  • Diameter of Skinny Hooks are 5/16", Fat Hooks are 9/16"

Switch Hooks