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This is the required course text for the full year of Music I at the SUNY Purchase Conservatory of Dance. This book was written specifically for this class over the course of over 10 years of developing and teaching this material and has been updated for this year's course to continue to improve its effectiveness.


You will receive instructions from Peter Saleh about where and when to pick up your physical book in the Conservatory of Dance.


Please Note:

  • The book will not be mailed or shipped to you individually and is not available at the campus bookstore. You will be picking it up within the next week of class.
  • The email instructions on pick-up are separate from the standard type of online order confirmation email and will be sent a day in advance of when you'll be able to pick the book up . This is done to standardize and simplify how everyone acquires their book.
  • It is a physical book, not an e-book.

Rhythm Lab - 2023 Edition

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