The Primary Board

  • Fully padded top and sides eliminates contact noise - even on the edges, that some other trap tables seemed to forget about.
    • Available in two colors:
      • Black Board - with a light weight design
      • Gray Mortar Board .
  • A familiarly useful size for musicians, the Primary Board measures 19x12", which is pretty similar to a common music stand rack. The Primary Board is even mountable in a snare stand using the basket (snare stand not included).
  • A 1" diameter, 10" long threaded tube quickly screws onto and off of the bottom and is compatible with many cymbal stands and tom-arm mounting brackets, as well as most hardware multi-clamps. (more pictures coming soon)
  • A total of 29 sockets at strategic points allow for thousands of different custom configurations and combinations when using the detachable Extension components.
  • Includes detachable carrying handle that allows for easy handling. Handle is also able to suspend a pair of mallets against the side of 
  • Front left and right edges have glow-in-the-dark marks for easier coordination in low-light circumstances.
  • Mountable in some snare stand baskets as is. Mountable in 


"60/40" Rear Guard Board (RGB)

  • Five 3", semicircular, industrial felt-lined divots split 60/40 for resting/positioning/dropping sticks, mallets, maracas, lapsticks, bows etc. in an organized, stable manner for easy access.
  • Easily attaches to rear edge of Primary Board, either one or both pieces at a time, with the use of two included set screws. Also stows to underside of Primary Board for easy cartage. (pictures coming soon)
  • Top left and right edges have glow-in-the-dark marks for easier coordination in low light circumstances.
  • Three divot, "60" segment is also mountable to side edge to make room for accessing longer implements (pictures coming soon)
  • Also doubles as separators for individually hung chime tubes, when mounted parallel to rear of Primary Board (pictures coming soon)


Primary Board Includes:

  • The 19x12" carpet-padded board
  • The 60/40 Rear Guard Board
  • One 10" Mounting Post
  • Detachable Carrying Handle/

Primary Board