Whether it's a tambourine, headphones, or basically any kind of insrument played by shaking, it is often preferable to suspend the instrument rather than place it down on even the quietest surface. L-Hooks allow you to do this while preserving the small footprint within your setup.


L-Hooks are reversible in order to offer either a little more reach or little less profile within your setup. The white-capped end provides a little extra visibility so your focus can stay where it's needed.


Available with two types of noise-reducing sheathing - Clear/Hi-Vis and Black/Lo-Pro.



  • Compatible with the five front and two rear, large threaded sockets found underneath the Primary Board
  • 7" long side, 3" short side. These dimensions also permit the most on-the-fly adjustments to your setup without having to remove other components.
  • Reversible! Both ends are threaded to allow for a shallow or deep hook.
  • Bent to 85º to reduce objects slipping off
  • Large, nylon wingnut locks L-Hook in whatever rotational position you choose.